Tiresias’s eyes

An interesting snippet.  Tiresias is supposed to have his eyes digitally removed, and background superimposed.  I think it will look better if he doesn’t.  It’s possible that no one will be bothered if he can in fact see.

Tiresias has emerged as one of the difficulties.  I’ve now seen an installation where a face has been filmed much more in the way I foresaw, than in the way we actually did it.  It’s much more rounded and close up, and it superimposes well on the background.  However, we can use what we’ve got.  Also the dissolves/morphs between male and female Tiresias don’t really work, so we have got our work cut out to make this OK.  Nevertheless, it’s interesting that the problems you think are going to be the insuperable ones turn out not to be, and others take over in a quite different way.

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