Booking for the Riverfront presentation, 2012

We used Eventbrite to try and book people into the gallery for the performance.   This was in order to solve the issue of having no one to invigilate at the gallery. I was teaching full time and although students helped out, we couldn’t completely man the installation space. Instead we put in dummy security cameras, chained all the equipment together, and produced the booking form so that we could run over to the gallery for a booking.  It didn’t work perfectly as people really just dropped in, but here is the record of the booking form and the map of the Riverfront

“We will be running scheduled performances in the Mornings (11:00), Afternoons      (14:00) & Evenings (18:00), but can arrange unscheduled performances, if you wish to book tickets for our scheduled performances please visit:, alternatively please go along to The Riverfront between Friday 2nd & Sunday 11th November 2012 to inquire about performances on that day. Updates on Performances will be posted on this page.

For more information on getting to The Riverfront, please go here.”
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