More editing

2nd Nov 2007.

 Last week, the film went through a transformation.  Nimal started doing it as a single time line and everything seemed to work.  There’s still a problem about the endings – partly that they don’t work as a single screen, and partly that the happy ending seems a bit quick.  It’s not clear that Echo has broken the spell by herself.  I don’t know what to do about this as it is part of the writing.

I’d like to find some quotations about Narcissism which are really appropriate for the ending, but they are either too scholarly and impenetrable, or too obvious and say what we’ve seen already.

It’s the interactive and multi-screen part, especially the construction of the TV footage which has yet to be started.  Nimal has got the CD from Jack but doesn’t know how to integrate it.  He says it doesn’t fit, but I think we need to see how it might.

 Otherwise, I’ve really got to get going on writing something about the process and product, and making this fully research friendly.


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