The Exhibition Space


The Riverfront Arts Centre is next to the University of Wales Newport, and they kindly agreed to host Echo in their basement space from 4th – 11th Nov 2012. This is a black box space of a rather unusual kind. It was designed to house the Newport Ship, a fifteenth century sailing vessel discovered in the Usk in 2002. However the ship, when excavated, was revealed to be too large for the designed space, and it has been adapted for use as a black box studio space. It is thus very long and narrow with a gantry which follows the shape of the ship.


Ben Morson had designed the original concept drawings, but the task was to redesign the installation to fit in the space and to build it practically on a small budget. Anton Turner, a Fine Art Student designed the space and built the set on a budget of £300.00. Link to his design here.

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