Welcome to the website for the interactive multiscreen video installation Echo and Narcissus (Echo) conceived, written and directed by Dr. Coral Houtman with the participation of staff and students from the University of South Wales*. The research production explores attraction, engagement and reflection through drama, music and myth.

Echo is designed to be screened in a gallery or other art space, also at academic conferences. It is shown on a selection of screens, using a mixture of narration, dramatisation, montage, soundscape and audience participation. The installation consists of four screens showing scenes of the human story and a top screen representing the Gods. After the telling of the story the audience is encouraged to choose an ending. To see the dramatisation and to gain a sense of the experience, please go to simulation.

The project has been developed, as a piece of professional film practice and as research in Film Drama over the last six years and had its first presentation at the Riverfront in Newport in November 2012. Since then, it was developed to be run from raspberry Pi computers, and this version was demonstrated at the Project Raspberry Pi ‘Lockin’, at the Sony UK Technology Centre based in Pencoed in February 2014 in a workshop organised by the University of South Wales. This website is a document of the process of production and an attempt to capture something of the experience of the installation presentation.

* Formerly University of Wales, Newport

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