The main trailer made for the Riverfront presentation. This was edited by Samo from the original footage and it mixes up the 5 screen version cleverly with singles, thereby approximating the installation experience of being immersed in a multi-screen hall of images. He also made the themes clear and cut the piece to music:-

We also made a series of small web trailers At Home with the Gods, designed to be webcasts from the Gods. We did not release these as the dates of the Riverfront Show changed and we were not able to change the trailers in time. However, they are quite amusing and also aim to show the themes of the show – the inability of individuals to change political discourse and the need to love.

We thought the Gods should be operating an “agony auntie” column as a way to communicate with humans before the show. This way, we might get an interaction from the audience, for example tweets, or emails. We intended to send out the invitations two months before the show and therefore build a fanbase. We lost our web designer (she got a job) and therefore this idea did not work out. However, it could be adapted for a later show –

We started with Zeus…

And continued with Hera….

I wrote the script and sent it to the actors about a week before shooting. We had various conversations via email and phone, but when we got to the shoot, the actors improvised the scene. Since they had been involved in developing the script in the first place, in filming the main action and in seeing various edits, they knew exactly what we wanted.

The first of these two shots was based on the original script. After this, the actors went off on their own tangent!

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