through a pool of water, or a veil of tears

been thinking about a different form of “interaction” between the gods and the world of humans – let me run it past you… Zeus and Hera are seen on the top screen as before, but they are shot from below as if they are gazing into a pool of water, the lighting here would need to be in tune with this approach – dappled light etc., however, this is where it diverges from the original – we remove the TV zappers and instead the gods dip their hands into the pool and pluck images of the human world (blue screens) from the screen to examine (dally with???) and when bored the images are crumpled up and disgarded. how the connection between both worlds would work would be through the use of ripples added in past production to simulate the distruption of the surface of the water (and the world of humans) by the gods as well as maintaining the connection between the two aspects of the installation.

comments please???

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