through a pool of water, or a veil of tears


 I think this is an excellent idea.  I think the TV remotes are a bit clunky and probably the spectator will get the references to media images anyway from the blue screen stuff (although anyone please comment).

One issue arising is the mixture of metaphors in the God’s world.  They are still lazing around, mostly playing, as if they were watching TV.  What does having a pool do to the idea of sofas, mountain tops etc.?  I also liked the idea that Don had of statues in the God’s world, so perhaps we should make their little world a bit more like that section from Jason and the Argonauts and have a bit of history from everywhere.

 Also, this means an extra bit of scripting and scheduling in order to obtain stills of Echo and Narcissus, and even more alternative endings – another of Jack’s excellent suggestions.   A short photo shoot with Echo clipping Narcissus around the face, and vice versa, a kiss, a hand wiping away a tear, all would be great images for the Gods to toy with.   Would these also appear then in the “blue montage” down in screens 2 and 4?



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