Retrospective reflection on a few things

1.  Agreed with Simon Davies to have 3 weeks in August/September to try and tidy up cut/make stab at multi-screen version.

2.  Had viewing for Maureen.  Her notes separate, but issues of Narcissus sympatheticness, some casting aspects – young man not attractive enough, and tightening up story. 

3.  Keep thinking back to where Humphry and I were on location looking at Leonie’s storyboard, and discussing where to put the camera, particularly on Echo chasing Narcissus scene through forest.  Slightly rainy, had been raining all morning, preventing filming, but also Humphry had been off meeting Skillset, so a bit hurried when he came back.  Relied very heavily on Humphry’s insights so must ask him for feedback when looking at the footage.  However, wasn’t at all clear about whether characters should leave frame or stay in same frame.  Have a feeling that footage is all too loose, and that we haven’t got the tight shots to get us through the edit, but this is in advance and we can always have a look.

4.  Tentative plan for edit – edit the chase scene with Echo and Narcissus, the rejection of Amenius, his death and narration by Tiresias„ and several endings.  Also have a go at the installation slo mo… but get the sound OK first.

5.  Aparna reminded me of Mike’s offer of the Planetarium for a showing.  Although this couldn’t be the 5 screen showing as designed, it could be interim multiscreen – like storyboard, projected on walls, and might be useful. Also need collaboration between institutions.  Is question big enough to make this worthwhile?

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