Pilot editing day 6

Barry and Humphry viewed cut, and all are rather optimistic.  Improvement on single cut.  Some new rules/truths we’ve observed for multiscreen:

  1. Obvious in a way, but realised that multiscreen doesn’t just lead to real time/vision mix type of editing, but to expanded time.  This is causing real problems.   How do cutaways work when they are used to expand time rather than to highlight a particular emotion.   Have to use fades to black and back.
  2. Need to draw attention of viewer to other screens by sight and sound.  Humphry viewed the cut and noticed that we were being a bit literal.  What we need to do is to set the mood and emotions more through the screens and then use the dialogue to explain what’s going on, rather than using a master shot and filling up the other screens.
  3. Even more problematic when master shots from different locations but same scene (e.g. Hera in heaven looking at Echo crying on earth) have different timing and performance issues.   Performances great but sometimes order of things different in one version than the other and have to cut around the original order.

Scene with mirroring doesn’t have enough mirroring in it.  Could be director error, or maybe we can solve with optical effect of seeing Echo in Narcissus’s eye and him in hers.

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