ISEA, and also Ffloc.

Thought about sending Echo to ISEA for this year, but perhaps not yet ready. Next year it will be much more complete and therefore much more likely to be a satisfying showing, even if it never gets finished. Showing next week at Ffloc. Simon has done a great job although bits missing where Gods aren’t yet watching etc., but 5 screens do run through all the scenes. Interactive media students now on board and running to five separate screens. Thing now gathering momentum and moss. Can see it becoming a proper production. Simon’s remark, got from famous multiscreen director Mike Figgis that multiscreen refreshes spectator interest because they are always looking to see where the interaction is happening so they are no longer bored with what they’ve got accustomed to with what is on the screen. Also, although 5 screen is murder because you’ve no way of keeping sync or assigning sync because cutaways no longer work, does work because modern technology allows small semi-invisible slow mo effects which are invisible or semi invisible and enable the spectator not to notice and therefore combine the effects of theatre and film. Thus multiscreen could be a medium of the future, not just a technological backwater.

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