the trick with mirrors

Having chosen to film at Merthyr Mawr (at least in principle, it’s not confirmed from production pov), I would like to consider what we do for Narcissus’s pool.

a) Use an existing pool.  It’s been raining now for quite a long time, perhaps the temporary ponds will be back in Merthyr Mawr – a bit risky though.

b) build a pool in Merthyr Mawr.  My favourite option, but fraught with production difficulties.  The sand dunes are quite a trek from the car park, and getting water/pond liner etc. there poses a few logistical difficulties.  Hopefully not insurmountable.

c) Use a mirror.  Could work, the screen test with Luke (hopefully I’ll try to upload it next week) looked really nice, especially for installation bit, but is inconsistant if we’re using water with Gods, and also with Tiresias beside seaside. 

Note 1:  Pool needs to be quite small, so that we can shoot upside down POV of Narcissus’s reflection, or at least cheat this somewhere else. 

Question 1:  What do we do to get good reflections:  Do we get oil, or film with water and live with imperfections?

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