Chromakey – Gods


I thought I’d summarise some discussions about the God space.  Humphry is going away to LA today (lucky bugger) and hopefully Don and Humphry and myself will meet today and confirm things.

The question was whether we could get coverage properly using green screens and alternate shots.  Nimal, Cirrus and myself did some shotlisting and came up with tracking shots etc., things that I realised later were incompatible with green screen.  I therefore thought, given that Don was keen on the “Greenaway” type set, that we should try this.

 However, in discussion with Humphry, we realised that the screen on the ceiling needs to be very simple, we haven’t got much time, and the best way of establishing gods on there would be simple green screen.  This hasn’t definitely been decided (today lunchtime will be deadline), but if we go with green screen, we will have to avoid tracks and camera movement, and go with simple statics.  O/S and reverses should be OK, provided we get different backgrounds in shot and we have enough green screen.

I’ll get back to you soon.


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