Respondent Did you enjoy the installation Would you like to see the installation again Age Gender Ethnicity Religion Please describe one or two things you liked most about the installation Please describe one or two things that you disliked about the installation Please describe in a few words what you thought the process was about If you know the myth, do you see a connection. Did the installation add anything to the myth? Please describe the process of choosing the ending. Whatdid you think of this process? Approximately how many people watched at the same time? Would you have preferred to see the installation with more or less people? Or about the same? What did you think about the way screens were arranged? What did you think about the set and location used in the installation? What did you think about the use of sound in the installation? Have you seen other installation dramas? Would you like to see other dramas as installations? If so, what kinds of dramas would you like to see as installations? Generally, what do you think of the idea of mixing drama, visual art, film and theatre?
1 4 3 25 m white atheist The use of multiple screens was particularly interesting The characters were slightly confusing and bland at times multiple screens, experimental filmmaking no I felt the process was very fun and enjoyable. The coice of 3 options is far better than two. 8 same possibly more spaced out very good and immersive not dramas as such, but they do seem very interesting. Interesting concept enjoyable to watch. Not sure if it's to my taste.
2 5 3 25 m british buddhist Interaction, the ability to move around in the viewing environment. Needed more dim lighting to see. I didn't know where the entrance was. Multi-screening, so what I was felt interactive within the film and then the interaction Not 100% but felt the power of the Gods when looking over the world. Good but the answer were vague, to me fate means many options. For me fate is the change option. 8 same Would like a more 360% view Good but more could have been done Need more like smells and soft lighting when entering Depends on kind of installation Very good, should be done more often, but needs more funding for better effect.
3 4 5 25 f british - I like the multiple screens and timing of the piece. I also liked the touch screen - It is about the Greek Gods, Hera and Zeus, combined with the modern distorts choice by humans gave the story more 3D perspective I liked being able to choose the endings. It was good to see how the audience reacted as a whole. 8 same I thought it was good because you had to move. The sound was very immersive enabling me to feel part of the installation. I liked the set up and the trees I would like to wath other installations. It is very clever.
4 4 4 25 m white none New experience of a film with different screens longer, more time to expand on themes free with influence of nature was unexpected, interesting twist on idea of a film 7 more, make voting more interestin Nice to have to keep looking behind
5 4 4 25 m Irish The innovative use of multiple screens Trees were in the way and difficult to turn and see the screen. The story of the God's fight affecting people - Innovative, and some people are cold inside 7 more, make voting more interestin awkward with the screen behind good use of sound very interesting and appropriate I wouldn't mind Pretty good
6 4 2 The five screens was good. I liked the way it was used. The stock footage of Iraq and stuff I don't think the voting worked, I don't think any of us were invested enough in the characters so it was pretty much a random choice The story of Echo and Narcissus It ended modern dialogue which I liked 8 more, make voting more interestin trees and computer got in way very good
7 4 4 25 m white - The five screen concept worked well. The voting system. Story needed to be longer Human love/sexuality and the differences between men and women Yes, it shows the Gods see all Very inventive and non-linear 7 less, as people moving around is distractin Good execution good execution Needed more scope - very british no, but it has become more appealing It has potential to either be a disaster or a success
8 5 5 30 f white christian Everything. Baby loved stimulation 2 Saw three times. Came back at different times during the week.
9 5 5 25 multi-screen all in continuity. Gives the viewer chance to be in the centre of the short drama interactive, observe
10 5 5 25 f white agnostic I loved the placement of theGods and the narrator. Felt as if we were part of the installation The choice to be made clear. Confused at first. The audience feels a part of the film don't know the myth I chose to save them. It was very cool to have that choice. I wanted to know the other endings 3 more, would have been able to see percentage of choice interesting. Brought more elemnts to the story It made you go to where the picture was all the locations were good apart from the heavens I would like to see a modern day version. Different story but similar structure Why not?
11 5 5 25 f black agnostic The multi screens and the way they were used. I also liked the soundscape The acting was sometimes a bit over the top Interesting, wonderfully shot, thought provoking don't know the myth I wanted to see them get together in the end 4 same I enjoyed the way it was arranged. Can't see it working another way I thoroughly enjoyed the sound The set for the gods looked somewhat unreal, everything else looked great. I haven't. Possibly more by Coral Houtman The way it was done here was very good. It needs to be really thought out though or it could impede the viewing
12 5 5 54 M british agnostic Integration of vision and sound. Thought provoking Humanity enjoyed participation 25 less, couldn't see the back screen properly OK, but could have been more symmetrical/equal good good First one, would like to see more yes, interesting
13 4 4 26 M white - Use of landscape, atmosphere/presentation of installation Some cheesy dialogue, use of green screen, being able to see the computer screens and people controlling the installation from above was distracting love, war, human emotions lovely idea...great to include audience participation. I wanted them to come to a sad ending but of course the audience chose a happy ending. So Hollywood! 30-80 more, more people to vote great concept worked really well. Forces audience to move about instead of being passive viewers ok Great locations. Would have preferred less blue/greenscreen great idea
14 4 3 25 m white none Creativity of the multiscreen timing of the screens a bit offputting at times. Some editing offputting/fades It's a creative piece about the Gods leaving humans to carry on being 'fools' only to overcome our problems don't know the myth very interesting and to get audiences involved, but I didn't see what I chose. 20 same good, especially the back screen (made you part of the film) average somewhat interesting, nothing mind blowing none, would maybe like to see more sometime. Mystery/detective drama good and should be encouraged.
15 3 2 25 M white atheist screen placement behind audience low production value and theatrical, over the top acting experimentations with visual storytelling methods don't know the myth awesome to see how people react to the story by making the choice 15 more cool cheap would be interested in seeing a detective enjoy it if it's innovative
16 4 3 28 M british none five screen setup outdated mythology mixed with 00's history acceptance and lack thereof don't know the myth good idea but misled by actors saying "save them" 15 less, so I can see the screens good good good interesting, could use better cameras however
17 4 4 26 f white none very creative, sound was amazing The sitting space (the trees distance my view and that made me sad) human nature and choice yes, it added several perspectives more encouragement to vote! Well done though 15 less, more space to move around good choices simply amazing no set in the middle unless small no, and I'd like to see some more realistically difficult
18 2 4 20 f white spiritual acting great, multiple endings costume greek tragedy, Gods, classical myths yes, choice, the viewers choice
19 5 4 25 f white Having several screens to see things on The back screen. I kept turning to look when nothing important was on The gods and their actions versus the actions of humanity don't know the myth Good, but I was curious about other endings 18 any, like to see other people choosing Really good except the back one Good, emphasized important moments Great location and setting - atmospheric I've seen none and would like to. Similar stories to this - dilemmas I was skeptical at first, but after seeing it, I like the idea.
20 4 4 35 F white landscape had to be told what to do.
21 5 5 50 M usA chance elemen ts. Merthyr Mawr chance and fate Good but didn't want to interfere as life has no agency 3 very interesting very interesting very interesting Like to see more Like to see more
22 4 4 50 F USA
23 4 4 50 M USA
24 4 4 25 F black none The fact that you gave use the freedome to have our own interpretation of the piece by the use of multiple screens nothing really the gods observing humans and nature, or possibly nature observing the complexities of humans and the gods It put the audience on the spot and put them in the position of choice or power which I appreciated 18 same I appreciated it very much It gave a sense of unease, a sense of uncertainty appropriate No, and yes mixed very nicely
25 5 4 25 M Welsh The interactive options got the audience involved. Multiple screens giving the film a more atmospheric feeling The seats were placed in the centre making it hard at some points for the viewers to look back and forth between the screens about lust and love between two gods with various incidents that happen throughout the film It was a good idea to get the audience involved, it shows that people have a chance to show how they truly feel about the characters and the situation 16 same well arranged and presented well put together very well set a lot of blue screen effects action/fiction/dramas amazingly good idea, gives a better view of these 3 elements at the same time.
26 4 4 32 none use of props, production style relative to content found footage decisions about love and self very good fun 20 less or as an individual made sense OK, could have been more fantastic worked in general horror/grand guignol underused
27 5 5 25 m Multiple use of sound and image, done creatively, on several screens. The atmosphere added with the use of images the benches - not able to see Juxtaposing the modern world situation with the fictional drama of individuals be they gods or simple human beings an interactive opportunity of immersing the viewer in the action 16 good Really interesting as it creates the required atmosphere appropriate to the world of the film a really great concept that, if done well, could be breathtaking
28 5 4 25 m white christian The way the screens below occasionally represented what the gods were feeling the use of the screen behind could have been made clearer earlier on human fate It could have been a bi clearer. It took me a few seconds to work out that we had to vote 15 larger. One improvement might be to show the real time voting on the screen the use of the rear screen could be been made clearer earlier on interesting how it related to the images good never before, I would like to see more very interesting as there are endless possibilities
29 4 3 25 m british christian Novel way of attracting the audience's attention through the use of multipe screens. This also allowed the audience to have a unique experience by choosing their focal points sound wasn't always clear or synched 16 same calming so provided interesting contrast to many images No, and yes, style suits Greek tragedies and use of chorus interesting as a one off
30 4 4 25 m white none The democratic nature of the form and the images, the freedom to edit the film with your bare eyeballs When only one screen was used to show the action. Action should be constantly divided Freedom of spectator Echo and Narcissus as US foreign policy vs Islamic nationalism Good idea. Give no indication to the audience what ending is "superior" 16 larger. This is an exercise that requires many witnesses Fine, As far as I'm concerned, the more the better Really interesting as it creates the required atmosphere Reasonable. Exterior scenes were brought off pretty well Opaque ones, imaginary ones. I'm all for it.
31 4 5 25 F martian geddi The three floor screens showed the one scene from all angles/points of view. There was a screen behind you. Didn't realise the screen behind until later on. The story and backstory of Echo and Narcissus Didn't realise we had to press button at first but really liked it! 16 larger, for more people to choose ending unbiased Really good but where I was sitting, couldn't see back screen Really good Perfect - went with the story and set the scene At first thought it was an aircraft, diff screens = diff screens on plane - war? Something like that. If done right, amazing. If not, and can easily be done wrong, dangerous
32 4 4 25 f white none multiple screens, it gave more to the story, interactive aspect, gives audience control to change it. didn't notice screen at back until halfway through. Touch screen, again, needs to be noticeable when in use % of votes was good, means the group of people as a whole have a chance to say what they want. 16 same. Good. Could see them all, one at the back needed to be more noticeable. It was good having it from different directions I've not been to something like that before but I enjoyed it and would like to see more. It worked well.
33 4 4 25 f white British christian Multiple screens were a good way to get the audience to participate. Good storyline difficult to follow at times Echo and Narcissus Interesting idea 16 same. The group size was fine as it provoked interesting discussions good layout sound was good and valuable to the story creatced a good realism difficult to pull off but attempts will be interesting.
34 5 3 25 m white atheist multiple screens The story of Echo and Narcissus and human nature very interesting 17 same interesting. Pretty good good Horror would be interesting interesting
35 4 3 25 m chinese christian Interactive ending slightly disorienting multiple screens Greek gods trying to resolve issues Easy 20 same my neck hurts a bit from it good It worked well Interesting concept
36 4 3 25 m white British jedi It was different to anything I had seen before Little bit disorientating It's about Greek mythology, Greek gods and trying to make work Good, could use spotlight 20 same different. My neck hurt interesting It was calming no It's different, occasionally could be interesting
37 4 4 25 f white none The reflection of the boy in the water. The choice of actors/actresses The rock woman was a bit scary. I found it a bit awkward in the 'adult scenes' About love and power and making decisions I didn't quite understand the concept This was fun and rather 'upbeat' when it comes to technology but didn't relate well to story because of the modernness. 18 smaller as people got in the way of the screen It was good although the gods were high up the 'earth' should have been opposite as though they were looking down It was good because it showed me where to look again good It was interesting to watch, not seen it before so it was refreshing.
38 5 5 25 f white British agnostic multiple screen, the gods up high and eveyone else underneath them the choice of ending human choice and love I didn't like having to choose and ending. I wanted the film to tell me what the ending was. 2 - I loved the way the screens were set out detective story I love being able to watch something not knowing whether it is a film or something else.
39 4 4 21 F British caucasain lapsed catholic The immersion and lack of specific objectivity The middle computer screen used to vote was a bit too far forward. Needed more immersion Added a lot of extra perspective Democratic, unlike gods and people can be. It was interesting 2 Both, smaller would be easier to see, but larger would be better for vote different. My neck hurt nicely subtle at times and grounding nice contrast to the black surround and typical of "nice earth" I'd like to see more surreal and immersive installations. I like ones which capture and ground you, losing sense of time and ourselves. I'm all for any combination that works
40 5 5 65 f Welsh none Multiple screens, interesting and intriguing use as a separation device The Tiresias screen at the back was disconcerting - couldn't take it in at the same time as the others. Yes, I wasnt aware of the Zeus Hera connection Didn't do this 1 larger, share ideas Back screen problem excellent use of voice and the stringed instrument added to the wistful mood Beautiful Never seen one before, a promenade performance of a play is the nearest. King Lear might be interesting Haven't given it much thought - film is obviously useful as a backdrop for drama
41 5 4 60 m white British none Flow between the different screens Screen at end difficult to see. Finding exhibition - went down the wrong stairs use and abuse of power yes, gave a dramatic interpretation interesting but sitting sideways to computer screen didn't immediately realise it was interactiveq 1 larger simple and effective characters and gods are facing each other nicely balanced Great location, should be used more. Simple but effective set. no Worked well here and there must be lots of other new or old stories that could be told this way
42 4.5 4 64 f white British - The use of the natural world in stills, movement and sound. Echo's singing voice Man taking responsibility for his own actions (even if the Greek Gods have never been good role models) Trouble and strife Interesting attempt to involve audience 1 Evocative. Natural world verging on idyllic Natural world verging on the idyllic. Modern, turbulent Possibly. Different. I like the mixing of mediums In favour
43 5 4 58 f white British none The sense of being surrounded by often beautiful scenes I felt the message was rather too explicitly insisted upon Yes and yes but it would take an essay. Entertaining 20 SmallerAlso tried it with smaller and it was better I liked the oddity of Tiresias behind me Excellent Essentially, I would trust the filmic elements more and be less insistent on spelling out the narrative Generally satisfying, or at least can be.
44 5 4 33 m white caucasian none chronotopical experience, interaction projectors/monitors had different colour tints phenomenological experience of mult-screened narrative I found the mythical context secondary. It was more about the experience. However, the myth of Echo and Narcissus could be extended onto spectators if there were mirrors in the room Works well and reflects multi-platform consumption 2 same. Due to mirror neurons people are influenced by other people in enclosed spaces well done, it kept me moving around could be improved in quality and direction great no. Any drama could work Great but if the content does not link to the type of installation, it could become Brechtian and post-modern for the sake of it.
45 2 1 70 f Welsh probably Landscape cinematography. Very generous, lots to look at and think about homosexuality I needed prompting but was happy to choose 1
46 4 4 27 m white christian Landscape tracking shots were effective but were somewhat more subtle than the acting The physical installation space could be used to place viewer further into the middle of the action I read this as situating the dubious narcissism of Echo and Narcissus in relation to human conflict, divine indifference andthe local landscape It had the potential to locate the myth in relation to local meanings of place The computer was fairly slow 2 Could have used side screens as well Liked different layers of sound Could have developed location/significance of this Good idea
47 3 3 65 f white christian The landscape acting poor, too much going on battle of the sexes, stupidity of human nature Yes, I thought this is a good idea and liked the idea of 3 possible endings 3 confusin good good life is a mixture of all
48 5 5 68 f white spiritual change choice. Ask Gods to save Echo, confusing
49 5 4 70 f white none landscapes, remote controls distribution of images between screens wanted olive trees bunched up more. Wanted to be able to have back view as well as inside view. Acting a bit big ok 3 L lovely
50 5 4 70 f white none landscape
51 5 4 70 m white none
52 5 5 80 f white none
53 5 5 80 f white none
54 4 4 19 m white none Effectiveness of interacting between screens Production values suffer for technical aspects of installation challenging archetypal characgters, gender struggle 2 larger very interesting, well thought out, symbolism shone through very good very good
55 4 4 20 f How different screens interacted gender differences, spiteful women It added to the feeling of being in the film 3 larger It forced the audience to engage Very well done, mono wouldn't have been as good good for theme this was first, installations are interesting Visual art is important
56 4 4 20 The blurring of lines when it comes to gender One solid meaning wasn't entirely clear It gave the piece an original quality and mystery 3 Made you feel part of it It worked with story and themes
57 4 3 19 m white none Sync screens and the medium in which story is told Incorrectly exported middle screen. Poor keying intergender war and world effects thereof Initially confusing. An underused concept 4 correct correct lemons and orange confused initialy Dante's Inferno under used and underappreciated
58 4 3 21 m white atheist The relationship between Zeus and Hera A relationship between husband and wife that affects everyone I felt like it showed some character of the people I watched it with 3 larger, would be given more choice for the end Interesting although sometimes lack of audio cues made me miss something good Added to the film No Seems like a good idea
59 4 4 19 w white none Interactive nature. Mixture of stock and film footage More options should have been available The battle of the sexes. The making of the sexes I really enjoyed the process. It added depth 4 larger Very well thought out Very atmospheric relevant and pretty thrillers and adventure fantasy I enjoy this idea
60 4 4 25 f none Multiple Screens, optional ending (makes me want to rewatch) nothing in particular I really liked the idea 5.7. same I really liked it. It was as if the blind woman was watching everyone else. The contrast between the deomonstration footage and the filmed parts was good no, cool to see more Great idea
61 4 4 20 f white none Multiple Screens, optional ending, set up of installation, sound I enjoyed the process, it worked very well 7 same worked very well liked it, felt like the sound was coming from the different screens I liked the nature shots very much Works very well